Facebook pages getting new look 30 March

We will discuss about the new features for Facebook pages as Facebook has made the word out. 

Facebook is changing it's features and look time to time, there have been good changes such in Facebook page insight, changes in wall feature etc. and some head scratching changes for some people like The new Facebook timeline. From 2006 to 2012 Facebook has changed alot, and i have seen many changes with my own eyes.

I was just browsing my Facebook fan page when Facebook started showing a message banner on top of my page, it was similar to the timeline invitation. Have a look at it.

If you also have a Facebook page and got a message like this, preview it. The most shocking thing is that it's look like the Facebook timeline Profile ! However it's on you to switch Timeline or not, but for pages, Facebook said it that all your Facebook pages will automatically change to this new look.

Facebook should realize that 75% of people din't like the timeline itself, then why another timeline for pages?Although Facebook should give an option to either keep it or not, they said all pages will automatically get the new look, however the timeline for pages looks somewhere good, but for pages it will look so weird, it's only page where we can go and see new pictures uploaded in an order, but after the new look will be in, all experienced will be spoiled i think. How weird it will look, you can see on this page .

People who love the old classic look of Facebook pages are not likely to accept the new page look, Facebook always gives heart attack to their user by not providing any switch off 'timeline' button or something like that.

If we compare Facebook to Google, Google is good at giving the user option either to keep the new change or switch back to the old, but Facebook never provided anything like that, if you are a blogger or an Gmail user then you should have come over some times when Google made changes to their look but they always keep the power to change to new or not to the user.

However i would not like to change my Public figure Facebook page to the new looks, i didn't even switched to Timeline, because i already tried it when it was not released for general public. So Facebook page owners you like it or not you will be force fully applied to you, once it releases, we will try to do something about it.

Is Facebook employees not able to make any option to switch to new look or old look, or Facebook want their new design to be applied by all Facebook user?

The only thing left with white background is the home page/news feed page, I beg Facebook not to make any further changes to it, or i will quit Facebook and switch to Google+ forever. If you think Facebook is not doing good anymore you may switch to Google+, it's better, the problem is that not most of our friends are on Google+ that's why i have to open my Facebook.

Brand New Feature

The only feature in new look for pages that caught my attention is the 'Milestone', where we can create a even which describe any milestone the page has completed like reaching 1 million likes or any other milestones, it will be highlighted in page, so that everyone can see it.

Pages that already applied the new look