Transfer a blog from one account to another Account

This tutorial will show you how to transfer control of a blog from one account to another, it's easy.
There can be many reason for which you want to transfer a blog from one account to other account, but people who don't have much experience with Blogger will find difficulties doing this themselves. The transfer of blog over two accounts can be useful, because if you have two account related to that blog, it will be easier to take control of the blog if for any reason your account gets deleted.

You can make Blogger account with not only Google account but any account like yahoo, hotmail etc. (but later you have to sign-up for a Google profile too)

To transfer the blog over two accounts, follow the step-by-step procedures, with picture demonstration it will be easier to understand.
  1. Login to your Blogger account at  
  2. On your dashboard, select Settings option for the blog

  3. Now in Basic tab under Settings, in Permissions section there will be an option/link +Add Authors, click on it and a pop-up will appear to enter an email address you want to add as an author (or admin).

  4. Now open your other email account and you may have received a mail from Google/Blogger about the blog contribution invite.

  5. Visit the link you will be redirected to Blogger, if you aren't logged in, log in there

  6. After accepting the invitation you will be made the Author of the blog. Author can't make any changes to the blog, it can only make posts. To make him an Admin go to your old account which is already admin of the blog and next to your new email address click on Author and select Admin from drop down list

  7. Once you select Admin, the email can have full control over the blog.
  8. If you want you remove any email address connected to the blog if you are an admin. 
An Admin on a blog can do anything, like deleting post, changing address, changing the template etc. It also have the ability to remove other admins and authors on the blog too.

Be careful while adding someone as an Admin, only give them this privilege if you trust them, because they will have full control over blog.

Tip: Using two browsers when doing this can save your time (to open up two accounts at the same time).