Backup the Blog Template in Blogger

A short and easy guide how to backup your template of your blogger blog, so that you will always have a copy of working template.

Update for April 2017: This tutorial is obsolete, please go to the newer tutorial on backing up your blogger template in the new Blogger UI

I have decided to make this post small so that you can do your work faster than just reading my text, i have provided screenshots so that you can easily understand.

This tutorial covers guide on how to backup template in blogger in both New and Old Blogger Interface

How to Backup in New Blogger Interface

First i will show how to backup the template in New Blogger Interface, as most of the Bloggers now use New Interface. Follow the step-by-step instructions with picture demos.
  1. Log into your Blogger Dashboard and select Template from the drop down list next to your blog

  2. On the Template page, see the right top corner, there you will see a "Backup/Restore" button

  3. Click on it and a box will appear, there will be two option, one is to Download the full template and other will be to Upload a template. Click on "Download the full template" and your download will start.
  4. The XML template will be saved on your computer and you can keep it for future, so if you make any mistakes in editing the template you always have copy of working template
There's no limit of how many times you can download the template, whenever you feel you want a backup of your template, just use this to keep a backup of your template.

    How Backup template in old interface

    If you are yet using the Blogger old interface then the instruction below will help you to backup your template in old UI
    1. Log into your Blogger account, on the Dashboard click on Design under your blog

    2. After clicking on Design , click on Edit HTML under the Design tab

    3. Below the Backup/Restore section in Edit HTML page, click on Download full template
    Once you click on Download full template your backup template will be downloaded

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