Quickedit don't show anymore! Why ?

We will talk about why Blogger don't show Quickedit (the pencil icon) on blogs to edit gadgets on site when logged in.
On January 30th Google started country specific URL redirection, which turns http://stramaxon.blogspot.com/ to http://stramaxon.blogspot.au/ If it's accessed from Australia, it's only for blogs that don't have it's own domain name but an .blogspot.com sub-domain .

The quickedit is not shown because of this, you will only be able to see quickedit pencil icon in .com domains, but because your blog redirects you to .au or .in you won't be able to see quickedit icon.

What if i want quickedit back ?

1. NCR-No Country Redirection : You can easily get back the quickedit buttons on your blog by just putting ncr at end of the blog address, suppose my blog address is http://stramaxon.blogspot.com put ncr at end of the address and it will look like this http://stramaxon.blogspot.com/ncr  

2. Hide-my-ip : You can get quickedit icon back by using hide-my-ip software, that will hide your identity that you are in India or Australia etc. and thus it will redirect your blog to you .com and if you are logged in into your blog you will see pencil icon next to your gadgets on page

3. Hide my Ass : Hide my ass also provides same features as hide-my-ip, but with hide my ass you can see a site on the go without installing any softwares.

Will it effect my Page Rank and Search ranks ?

The redirection of .com to country specific URL redirection will not have any effect to your page rank or search ranks, Google will always see your blog address as .com , it only changes if you access the blog from countries where Google redirects URL to country specific URLs.

You will see changes in Alexa rankings if you search your blog as www.myblog.blogspot.au or .in , but it doesn't matter as i said Google will always see your blog address as it used to be.

One final way is to settle in USA.