New help forums from Google on 9 March

Everything is changing with time, Facebook, Twitter and Google have changed alot, now Google is making changes to it's look and features.

 Google help forums is a place where you get answers for all the question you have regarding Google's product like Gmail, Blogger, AdSense etc. If you have ever come up with the question then you may have visited the help forums atleast once.  

Help forums are active from 2009 and still in use, but Google is not only going to make changes to it's look but it's shifting completely to a new place, all post in old help forum will not be deleted, it will be only available for reference and you cannot post questions or answers to the old forum.

Google+ support

After the launch of Google+ almost every Google product has support for Google+ such as Blogger, Google search, Gmail etc. The old Google help forum doesn't have any support for Google+ other than showing profile information.

Google is going to launch features like +1 a topic you like and it will be shared on your Google+ as soon as you +1

What about my level and badges ?

The level of users will be reset to 1 but their past activities and levels will be considered in the new forum.
They will be making new icon for Top-contributors, Blogger Addict and other badges, actually Google is replacing "Blogger Addict" badge to a new badge called "Expert".
Read this guide about the new help forum.

Let's see what's Google is cooking for us, i am eagerly waiting to see how the new forums will look like.