Remove Post Footer from blogger blogs

Post Footer are useful in blogs, but when you get more professional in blogging you will find that it's not important in my blog anymore,Post-footer has a share button,rating poll etc. but you can also add it later yourself if you want, most of the professional blogger has removed it and in place of it they put their own sharing buttons, which I will show in my future post. So subscribe blog with email. 

This can be easily done by CSS, a small code of CSS can hide anything on your page. This is the Post Footer

Instruction to remove it

  1. First go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Customize >> Advanced >> Add CSS

  2. To remove the post footer we will add this small line of CSS code in the  custom CSS text area.

    display: none;
  3. Now the box should look like this. Apply it and then see your blog.

Now your blog will look more neat and clean, you can add your own share buttons and more gadgets in post footer. If you don't know how then subscribe to our Email Newsletter, on  right corner you will find the email newsletter box, enter your email and confirm.