Remove the Navbar from blogger blogs

Navbar is an inbuilt widget for all blogs with ending, Navbar is bar on top of the page having useful thing as search box, but also a feature that most of us don't like it, there's always a link called "Next Blog" which makes our blog look dull as it take our visitors to other's blog for no reason and that the thing we don't want in our blog. Don't worry, although nothing is impossible with HTML and CSS.  

Myselft I was practicing CSS and HTML5 so that's why there were no psot on StramaXon for long time, but i am back, now with touch of HTML5 and CSS3 my blog will look and work good.

Let's come on the topic, so we were on 'how to remove the navbar' .  Little Copy-Paste knowledge, that's all you need. You will understand what to do even if you don't have even 25% knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  1. First, let me tell you something about CSS (if you don't know), with CSS we can design any element on HTML pages, whereas HTML are for writing text on a page, CSS is for design those text and other elements. You can give the element a class in HTML attributes for example this is a link's HTML preview :  StramaXon  this is an HTML line, but here comes the CSS, let's see how CSS will understand and design it, with 'class' there is also an alternative 'id' . In the tutorial you will see the uses of these things.    
  2. I advice you to use Google Chrome or Safari always  because it's an webkit and almost all the CSS property works in it. First we have to find out what's the 'id' or 'class' of Navbar, by default it is id="navbar" , so we will remove the navbar by using this code. Copy and paste this code by going to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML (remember to backup your template) Now hit CTRL+F and find  </style>  and paste the code just above it.

    #navbar {
    width: 0px;
    height: 0px;

  3. Once you copied and pasted the code before it should look like this.
  4. Now save the template and check your homepage, the Navbar will disappear.