Create false Facebook wall conversation

There are many reason we should try making fake/false Facebook wall conversation, one of the most popular reason is for funny pictures, we can also edit screenshots with paint or photoshop to make conversation in the screenshot but it take a long time.

Have you ever seen a picture of funny conversation on Facebook and most of them are not real but created by editing the screenshot of any Facebook wall conversation. 

The Wall Machine is a great Facebook wall conversation generator, editing the conversation in it is easy as posting comments on a Facebook wall post so anyone who know to use Facebook wall feature can easily use this too.

After going to The Wall Machine , you have to connect your Facebook account with it and then allow the app to your desired information such as email address, friend list etc. now you should be redirected to the 'The Wall Machine' website. Now think a great funny conversation and start making a Facebook wall conversation. 

Along with Wall conversation you can create more stories like 'X' become friends with 'Y', event, like activity and more, it's a complete tool to fool your friends. 

Do more with this app

This is an list of thing you can do with 'The Wall Machine'
  • Make fake conversation and fool your friends
  • Add your desired photo to the profile
  • Want to reorder the comments ? Just hover on right corner of that comment and click on up or down
  • Make fake relationship status activity
  • Save the conversation and show it to your friends
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