Creativeness with Box-Shadow CSS Property

Web technologies like HTML and CSS have come a long way and now it is now used more than just creating simple web pages.
Almost every site you see on the web is writing in HTML and styled with CSS and those languages are way very simple than complex languages like ActionScript or C++, but despite of its simplicity it can be used to create masterpiece.

Following two examples shows what todays web technologies can be used for. What we really showcase here is the use of box-shadow CSS property which is usually used to create shadows on HTML elements <-- Just like on this.

The people who wrote the property's specification may have never thought what it can be used to create. Let's take a look at the amazing.

Mona Lisa in Pure CSS

One of the most discussed and popular portrait now re-created in CSS. CSS as you know is the styling language of the web, the thing using which you  make your website fancy :)
See it in action!

Mona Lisa Painting Recreated in CSS3's Box-Shadow
Now one may think why this is so special, a little experienced Photoshop guy can make that in minutes but note that this is done using a CSS property called box-shadow , the designer who created this wrote each and every pixel of the complete photo to produce this.
Da Vinci would have loved this..

Unicode Person Pixel Art in Box-Shadow

How about something simple ? As being a 90's gamer I always had a love for pixel arts and this caught my example:

Unicode Person Example

This simple image of a cute face raising hands is also created with the same technology that was used to create the 'Mona Lisa' example. And do I need to repeat it ? It's created in box shadow!

Now if you are wondering why this guy is so excited about images created in box-shadow then read about it here and you will understand why :