Some easy and useful tricks to fool your friends on Facebook

Note: I wrote this post a long time ago, 5 years ago to be precise.

Facebook is used by a lot of people, a lot, and when you are looking for some fun ways to fool your contacts on Facebook you want to know about some tricks, well, we got you covered.

We have collected a few tricks that works on Facebook pretty well to fool your friends, some are based on technical tricks, while some are pure "I fooled you!" stuff.

The list of tricks in this post are as follows:
  1. Make others like your status (for Desktops)
  2. Fake profile link
  3. Blank Status

1. Get Likes on your Status (for Desktops)

Aren't you sad with the number of likes you get even though you have a good number of friends? It seems that you need to attract people who come over your posts and trick them into liking your status.

The trick is simple, ask the person to hold down CTRL/CMD and press the like button. We will have to create a lot of lines in the post to generate a "See more" link when the post appears on Facebook.

2. A link to your friend's own profile ( Fake profile link).

This is my personal favorite, all you do is create a post, and paste the following URL at the end of it:

No matter who clicks the link, the link always takes the clicker to his own profile page, so this URL can be used in some really creative and destructive ways! 

Either to make your friends happy (each of them!):
I have many friends in Facebook , but this is my best friend..

Or surprise them!
This person is the worst person I have ever met. Please don't trust them -

When you post the link do remember to remove the thumbnail that appears so that people couldn't actually see that it links to their own profile and keeps the curiosity.

3. Blank Status ?

This is one of the amazing trick , this trick is to post a status where there's nothing ! not even a single letter.
This works , because of the Facebook's status tag technology , in easy words it's like we are tagging someone in our status like @deepak @jessie or whatever, you maybe familiar with this system but the technology behind this is like this , when you tag someone it's look like this, ex my own name : @deepak kamat but in Facebook language it will be like this @[159240100811761:0:] , just try to post this in any comment. Here in this code @[159240100811761:0:] the number is my FB ID , but if we want to make it blank we can turn it into @[0:0:] when there is no ID then there will be no words or letters associated with it. So try this, post this in your status

@[0:0: ]