Stramaxon Celebrating it's First Birthday

I am very happy today, it's been 1 year since I started the blog and running it successfully. 
I posted the first article on Stramaxon on 13 October 2011 but made this blog public on 16th October. 1 year ago I started this blog as a start of my new online career and started writing on this blog weekly. I had no big expectation from my articles or writings, all I was doing was a way to gather everything I knew about web design/blogger. I learnt more and wrote more and to my surprise people started to visit my blog (mainly from Google searches) and I was glad to know that they were helped in many ways.

This blog is for my readers and without you all, I wouldn't have achieved such distinction. Thanks to you all and hope continue to post on this blog to help you people in every way possible.

There were no post from a long time because I was busy with some web design works but now when I am done, I will continue to write more on this blog. Plus, I wanted to share a web design project, which you can find here

- Deepak Kamat