Drive Interest to Your Blog

Nowadays, almost everyone has their own blog whether for personal or business purposes. They can just post about anything from what they are doing in their career to what they do in their personal life. There are just too many blogs out there and people cannot possibly keep up with each and every one of them. It is similar to having a hundred conversations at once and this is not possible to do.

If you are the owner of a blog and you want people to read it, you want to make it interesting first. So how do you make your own blog interesting in a way that the traffic that it generates will keep coming back for more?

Avoid Writing About Yourself

Most of the B2B blogs by companies have dominant information regarding their products and services, updates, upgrades and benefits. Almost all of us bloggers have made this kind of content, and while some of do belong in a blog, it should just be sprinkled as a topping lightly and nothing more. There is no one outside of your business that is going to make it a point to have your self-focused content read all the time.

That is why if you are blogging not based primarily on your products or services, then start going for your target prospects instead and what they want to see. Identify the topics in this area that you know something of and provide information that you think will benefit your customers and help better understand what your company does.

Commit to a Schedule

Being consistent in posting regularly and having a schedule will keep your blog up to date. Even if you are just publishing short posts, make it a habit that you need to accomplish and stick to this. If you are more concentrated on the usual topics that you are blogging about, you can just save these interesting topics that you find over time.

Have Your Own Point of View

Being opinionated even if it is going to turn some people off is important when blogging. Try to critique something if you have an expertise in an area. Have your own strong point of view even if the topic is controversial. It is important that you define your own company’s voice in the community and this is going to prove essential when you are creating content that you want people to discuss and share with each other.

Center Your Content in Factual Data

It is the backbone of a lot of popular blogs to have solid information that can be placed in visual form. One of the best sources for interesting data that you can center on in your blog posts is through surveys and polls. If you do not have the time to spare in collecting data for your own needs, there are a lot of public sources that you can utilize in order to obtain the data for you to draw from. Although the data that you present may not be original, placing this in a chart will add value that readers are going to appreciate.

The Author

Norris Lasay is a writer on business, the high speed Internet and broadband at Broadband Expert. Norris spends his free time contributing ideas for other blogs related to these niches.