Reiulanus Responsive Blogger Template

Reiulanus Blogger Template is the newest and the most advanced Blogger template with a Responsive design  and fluid layout. Responsive Design is what every site owners would like to have for their blog and especially for Blogger users, I have put my knowledge about responsive design in making this template.

Reiulanus Blogger Responsive Template Premium

You will see responsive site layout mostly in WordPress themes, because the authors of those themes are the real professional and they earn thousands of dollars selling those themes to hundreds of people each for $100.Getting responsive design on your site can be expensive if you want to hire a web designer to make that only for your site but if you are on Wordpress you can buy a responsive theme for as less as $100 but what about the guys on Blogger, no matter if you are using WP or Blogger, responsive design and fluid layout is same everywhere and required too. And that's why it was too important to develop such Blogger Template. Following are the price and information about the template.

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The template is a premium one but due to heavy user request we've made it available for everyone for free. SBTemplates is now hosting the template on their website, you can find more free blogger templates on SBT.

If you want to see how this blogger template appears in different devices, you may check this

Features of this Template

The template includes all the features the features from my previous templates. Like we used correct markups for important elements of a page for good rankings in search engines and that makes the template a SEO friendly template plus the template is using minimal but beautiful design that can keep a visitor onsite for a longer time. Some of the notable features of this template are below.

1. Light Design

We have used simple design but good looking design which is in trend now. We rarely used images in making the template's design and that's why the template is light and very clear, it's not too fancy and that makes it easier for the users to navigate through the blog.

2. No "Auto Summarize" technique used

These techniques gives you a good result but it also reduces the performance of your blog and is very messy in the back-end. Using it is just a foolishness if you want a SEO friendly blog, it's better to use the Blogger's Page Break option given in the post editor. 

3. Better Search Widgets

Often people don't use search function on a blog just because of their dull looks not intentionally but it usually happens, making it more interactive will attract the visitor to use the search function. We have included not one but two different search forms in the template, one at the top and one at the bottom, it's for the ease of the user as they don't need to scroll much to find content on your site, especially for mobile users where scrolling is the most difficult job in browsing a page. 

4. Content is given more importance

We believe that content is the most important element on your blog and people comes on the blog to read that content so we keeping it in mind we made sure there's nothing in the template that can distract a user from the content or even make them leave the page. Do you know, 3 seconds is enough for a user to visit a site through a search engine and decide if it is what they needed and again we made sure the main content (article) is visible on the page as soon as the page is opened in a browser.

5. Used no Fancy Elements

No Fancy Pop-up or anything like that! People may like it but not everyone, it can be annoying for some people who is serious about the content and that doesn't makes a blog look professional, so if you are serious about your blog then you might don't want your visitors to go away from your site.

6. Used Popular Post and Related Post Widget

Design is not only about filling colors, it's also about managing things and placing it at correct place. I have done everything that will keep a reader engaged with your website. Popular Post widget is place in the bottom and related post is below the posts and both of them are designed beautifully so people will love to try the links in those widgets and that will increase your pageviews and visitor's time on site.  

7. Easily Customizable 

Despite of being an advanced template with responsive design you can always customize it just like any other default templates in Blogger. You can add more remove gadgets, change the backgrounds or even add your own CSS to modify it, we have used simple layout so you won't have any difficulties in understanding the markup and modifying a style. 

Fresh New Responsive Design

Now there's no need of side scrolling on mobile device in your blog just because the the screen size is smaller than the blog's width, it's not a problem anymore with the responsive design in this template. You can see how the responsive design works by clicking on the "Preview Template" link above. If you don't have a mobile with you to check how your blog will look with the template on a handheld device you can simply resize the browser window to see it working live and that's how it will work on mobile phones or tables or device with any screen size and not even need to turn on the mobile template on Blogger for your blog, when you buy this template just turn it off because you won't need it anymore to display a better version of your blog on handheld devices with different screen sizes.

When you are getting a template with responsive design then why spend hundreds of dollars to hire a web designer to make your blog responsive ? Buying this template means you are saving money for the future, as responsive design is now very popular and everybody will be using Responsive Site Templates so why not buy now with a low price.

I decided to make such template because templates you find online for Blogger are coded very poorly and that's what you will see on most of the Blogger blogs and that's bad for Blogger's reputation, but with this template your readers will be amazed to see such technology on Blogger templates for the first time, it's going to be a though competitor for WordPress responsive themes.

It's in trend! Responsive Web Design is listed #2 in top web design  trend for 2012. So what are you waiting for ? Don't you feel that your blog should be following the trend and should really look new and fresh.

Learn more Responsive Design

If you are gonna use a responsive design then you would want to learn about Responsive Web Design, there many more things you can learn about in Responsive Web Design (RWD). Here are some links which will take you to the world of responsive web design.
  1. What the Heck is Responsive Web Design : A fun but informative web project on GitHub by some web geeks tells you all about responsive web design in an interesting manner. Even the site is responsive, just try resizing the browser/
  2. Smashing Magazine's Post about RWD : This post on Smashing Magazine is all you need to know about responsive web design and how to use it, that's a little serious but informative post. As a client you must always expect a web designer to provide you a design which is coded according to the standard.
I think those two links are enough to learn the concept and uses of responsive web design but you may always check new articles online or even buy some books to learn more about it.

No fees for Newer Versions

We will make more improvements in the template in the future to keep up with the standard and there's a good news, you won't have to pay for newer version if you are already a customer, you will get it for free. We care about you and always want you to use the best thing for your blog, so we won't charge even a single penny for upgrades.

Note: You will be charged if you want an upgrade on demand. That includes change of design, adding functionality etc. 

Lifetime Support

We will provide lifetime support for the template. Whenever and whatever help you need we will be there to help you. Just mail us on for any help regarding the template and we will get it done.

Buy the Template

You can buy the template for $49 and to buy it please send an email on You can pay via PayPal on this account
Paypal is the most secure method of payment by credit card, if you don't have an account on Paypal then there's no need to sign-up for a new account, you can simply pay with your credit card and they have a very secure system so you don't need to show your credit card number to anybody.

Note: Don't trust any other person offering you this template. Distribution of this template without the owner's permission is prohibited and we can take legal action in such situation. Buy from the original and respect the hardwork of this template's author (Deepak Kamat).