Blog posts showing twice on Blogger? Fix it

This short tutorial will show you how to solve the double posts issue that blogger user suffer, even i don't know why this happens probably double HTML of blog post in the template or some other errors. 

Some bloggers, not to tech savvy are disturbed of these errors caused by some weird template errors. It's not good to give your readers see the post two times, so if you are worried about the double post issue and want to solve it now, then you might follow the steps.

Kept this blog post short so that blogger user can easily resolve this issue. Follow the step by step instruction which has been given for your ease. 

We will use CSS to solve the issue, you can also resolve the issue by deleting the source HTML in the template code but it's complicated and you won't understand it.

1. First of all copy this very small CSS

 display:none !important;

2. Now Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS 
3. On the right input area paste the CSS given above and Apply to Blog

Now reload your blog and then check, if you did everything right then it will disappear but even after you done everything and it doesn't go then clear your cookies and then reload your blog.

If you think your issue is not going to be solved by this solution, then please comment with your blog address.