'Shabby Blogs' is detected as a Malware site

Shabby Blogs, a well known website for Bloggers to design their blogs with backgrounds,buttons,tutorials and many more things has been blacklisted on Google.

Shabby Blogs http://shabbyblogs.com/ , has been suddenly blacklisted on Google for spreading malware. 'Shabby Blogs' has been a good source of designs for many blogger's.

But something happened strange, all Blogs and Websites using 'Shabby Blogs' elements started displaying warning message that if you proceed to the site your computer might catch virus.

I came to know about it in Blogger Help Forum in this thread, as i never used ShabbyBlogs add-on i don't exactly know how it's used. The ShabbyBlogs website is also displaying an warning message, so people can avoid visiting the site.

I am not sure what happened to ShabbyBlogs, had it been hacked ? Is it some internal errors from Google spam systems ? God knows.

But if you are using ShabbyBlogs add-ons on your blog remove it completely or Google will start display warning messages for your blog too.

I will update if i get more information on what's happening to ShabbyBlogs.