Making Custom Templates for Bloggers

There are many peoples who ask me to post a guide on making Custom Templates for blogger, but i never answered them, so this is the post that will help them through it.

Is it easy ? Can i make ?

It's not easy at all, if you don't have knowledge about HTML,XML,JavaScript and CSS then it's next to impossible for you to make a custom template. It needs a lot of hardwork and you have to put your day in it to achieve it, if you don't know those web languages then first you have to learn about it,even if you learn basic of these languages you can achieve what you want. You will find million of resources from where you can learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. but all you have to do is keep patience, because you can't learn these in 1 day, do a part every day and in month you can make your own CSS designs etc.

Using Inspect Element : Whenever applying CSS to your blog or website remember to test it once in Inspect Element, inspect element is not a external plugin, you will find it in chrome easily, right click on a blank area on your browser window and then select Inspect element from the list.

W3Schools : If you just want to learn the basics of CSS and HTML, you can get to learn and know more about it in, they provide good tutorials with examples of each feature of any language. 

Learn what other websites do : With the inspect element feature, you can also check what other websites are using, what CSS and HTML are they using to make particular element on their site, this might help you to learn more and apply it to your blog also. Wherever you get knowledge, don't let it go.

There are many things you will learn with experience, experiment with blogger and websites and you will find yourself as a rising web designer.

*Most blogger's can't afford that much time designing their website, but want to make their blog as they want, so if you want to design your blog or website, just hire me.