Beware of ww4(dot)savegco.antivir(dot)com

The website ww4. savegco.anitvir .com is a problem to many new Blogger and website owners, they have complaint suddent change in their Stats and can see this website as referring site. Let's see what's it. 
This website have become a headache of many Bloggers, you have probably seen it on your Stats in Referring sites section, but wait, is it ok? are real people seeing your site referring from the site mentioned ? 

Update : We think these referral spams have now cooled down and it's effects are getting down. But now a new type of spam is rising, so beware of it. You can read about it here

No ! It's not all okay, the site is an spam site and contains Malicious viruses, they appear to refer some visitors to your site, but they are not really, it's all their computer which is increasing your Pageviews to get a place in your Stats, and when somebody sees they might just click on it, nothing can be worse than that, clicking on these links are dangerous, if you don't have a good antivirus, then they can do anything means anything. So beware of these spams, not clicking on those links are the only way to get rid of these.

This is not the only website which is in news for referrer spams, there are more website's that you might see in your stats that may be suspicious, here you can have a list of domains which are not bit famous for referrer spam. 
  1. www4(dot)savegco-antivir(dot)com/
  2. www4(dot)safe-vochecker(dot)com/
  3. hoodiastock(dot)com/
  4. domar(dot)ru/
    More Added by our reader Carlos
  5. www3(dot)bestbxcleaner(dot)com/
  6. www4(dot)best-aruchecker(dot)com/
  7. www3(dot)personal-scanera(dot)com/
  8. www3(dot)bestbxcleaner(dot)com/
I have replaced the . with (dot) so that you don't click on any of the links mistakenly and catch a malware or virus from any of these sites. There are more referrer spam sites you might see in your stats, so if you feel the links is not related to your content then just prevent from clicking on the links, as the main aim of these sites are to make you click on their links, if you find any new domain that you think is suspicious, free feel to let us know and we will post the link here.

We want our Blogger network to be clean and green, so if you see any links in your Stats then please think twice before clicking it. 
If you want to learn more then you can check NiteCruzr's (TC in Blogger help forum) blog. 2011/11/referer-spam-does-not- represent-real.html

Owners of newer blogs, with less established traffic, will see their pageview counts fluctuate more. 2011/09/referer-spam-war- leads-to-fluctuations.html

Referer spam affects Stats, and similar website activity log summaries - but third party activity logs will be immune to its effects. 2011/10/blogger-magic-third- party-visitor-logs.html

Be aware how Stats is unique - which leads to this problem. 2012/03/what-does-stats- provide-that-third.html

Stop clicking on the links in your Stats logs.  That's the only way to make referer spam stop. 2011/10/referer-spam-is-here- to-stay.html