Print your blog to a Book

Most people blog about their daily life, babies, marriage photos and more other things that they want as a memory, these types of Blogs are just like a diary that's everyone to read, but reading it online and on a book is a huge difference. Even internet is a modern tool for modern generation but people yet love Books more. 

Whatever your blog for but printing it as a book is great, you can share your memories with your children and their children, with books and anyone would love to print their blog as a book.

Blog2Print is a great tool/service for Printing a Blog as Book, it's affordable and very easy to use. Enter your blog address in the the input area and start with the first step to Print your BlogBook 

print a blog to book

Click on Print My Blog button to get started, now it will open a page where you have to make all required settings to print your blog to a Book, you can set your own photo on cover and backcover pages and Continue.

The price is affordable, if we compare the printing quality we will find the prices very low, the price is $14.95 for 20 Pages book and extra pages are 35 cents. Who don't want to get their blog into a book, you will have all your memories in your book and you can show it to anyone, anytime.

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