Blogger finaly shows Quick Edits on Country Specific Domains too !

Quick edit icons were not showing due to country specific redirection Google started for blogger blog, but it got fixed by Google today.

 Blogger users were facing difficulties to edit gadgets on their page directly, because they were not able to see the Quick edit buttons, which were gone because of Blogger's country specific domain redirection, which Google has started for comfort to ban a blogger blog in a particular country.

For few months we were not able to access the Quick edit buttons when we were not in our .com version of the blog, some blogger's knew that adding /ncr at end of blog address may help them to access the .com version of their blog and then they can access quick edit buttons, but for most bloggers it was an unknown solution, that's why we were getting questions in Blogger Help forum regularly and so i had to make a post regarded to this problem, you can still see the blog post here

Now that blog post is useless, as Blogger started to show quick edits for country specific domains too, but it really took so many days for Blogger engg. to fix this problem, but they did it. Google is the best and they care about their users more than any other service.