Show different cursor for links of Gadgets in Dynamic views

Blogger's Dynamic views template have plenty of problems, this is one of them, the links of Gadget doesn't show the right cursor for the link and that's why it looks not so professional. We have found a solution to it, it's very easy but good idea. 

There are several other problems in the new Blogger's Dynamic views template, one i have already mentioned in one of my older post. So to solve every problem with Dynamic views template i will post new posts about them and how to solve it. So you will see a series of posts about Dynamic views template.

All we have to do is add some CSS in the add CSS section of our blog customizations. See how poor it looks when it shows a text edit cursor when hovered to a link, instead it should show a pointer which is ideal for links. 

dynamic views fix link gadget

So we need some basic CSS rule to achieve it, read the step-by-step instruction. 
  1. Copy this small CSS rule to your clipboard, select the code and Ctrl+C to copy
    .gadget-title { cursor:pointer; }
  2. Now go to your Blogger Dashboard and select Template from the list of menus

  3. In the template tab, click on Customize and you will be taken to the Template Editor
  4. Click on Advanced > Add CSS and in the right input area paste the above CSS code and apply it to blog

  5. Now refresh your blog and check if it's working or not, if it don't seem to work even if you did every step carefully, then try clearing your browser's caches and then restart your browser and check your blog. It might work.
For a more fancy look you can customize the CSS and add a cursor that you like, you can find list of cursor that's available by default in here in this link
Best of luck with blogging, hope this was helpful to you, to solve more Blogger problems easily you can subscribe to my blog by Google friend connect or Feedburner.