Is Your Facebook Down ? You're not alone!

Facebook, the second largest website on the internet has suddenly stopped working everywhere!

Update: It is up now
Millions of (almost everyone who uses FB on a daily basis) people encountered error while trying to access the Facebook website. None of the pages is accessible.

It shows the following page (Facebook's current status) :

Sorry, something went wrong
We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can

This  is all Facebook has for the users now, no technical details about the errors are out yet. Plus there has been no updates on when it will be fixed and Facebook will be accessible again.

Don't worry, no one is able to access Facebook for now, so use an alternative to connect to your friends and family.

What you can do:

1. Go out.. meet your friends in real, chat with them and click some photos and share it using bluetooth.
2. Use Twitter or Google+ to show your condolences for the sudden demise (temporary) of Facebook (#kidding huh!)
3. Remember the old days? We used Text Messaging!

What you can't:

1. Update your status about Facebook's error.

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