How to get into Old Blogger Interface even the option is not available ?

Blogger have announced to discontinue the old Interface in Blogger, but in some countries the interface already has been removed or the option to revert back to old Interface is no longer available. In this tutorial i will show you how to get into the old Blogger GUI even the option isn't available.

Important: This tweak doesn't work any longer. The Old Interface has been completely removed from the Blogger servers, so you can't restore it any way. Please read this about for more info. 

Blogger is going to spoil it's own fun in coming months but in some countries it already did it. It's been a quiet long time after the launch of the New Blogger GUI (Graphical user Interface), but the Old Interface was also available on a click on a button. The option is available for Blogger users, but i have seen several cases where the user don't have the option to revert back to the old Blogger GUI.

Does that mean, Old Blogger interface is slowing being removed, this change has been experienced by some Bloggers only but many Bloggers need to revert back to old Blogger GUI because you know the BX-error codes that the new Interface issues us.

The New Interface is yet buggy and need many things need to be fixed but the Blogger support team don't seem to be interested or worried about these BX-error codes, these are mysterious codes which is a nightmare to every blogger. But if you don't get the option to remove it, then imagine how annoying it would be.

Users are issued BX-error codes at anytime and there's no specific activity for it to appear, whatever you do from editing post to changing your settings, people are being issued these Bx-errors in every section.

The only solution - The only solution that we have to avoid these Bx-error is to revert back to the old Template. But because some users are not even getting the option to revert back which was in the 'Gear' icon on top right corner of the Blogger Dashboard.

How to get into the Old Interface ?

Coming to the point of the post, how to get back into the old Blogger Interface. Actually normal users will find it difficult but that was an easy task. It's all about tweaking the URL that will take you back to the Old Interface, URL was one of the different between new and old Interface and that's how they are differentiated . 

Follow these steps to get in the Old Interface. 

1. We will take an URL that's will help you go back to old GUI, so this is the URL

So this the URL, but wait don't try to load this URL now.

2. Now you need to get your blogID to replace the number highlighted in Yellow

So to find your Blogger address you can take help of the New Interface, go to your Blogger Dashboard | Click on Any tab, let's click on 'Template' tab. Have a look at your address bar and you will see a number followed by 'blogID=' you just need that number.

3. Replace my blogID with your blogId

Here, i replace the blogID with my test blog's blogID and then the URL is this.

Once you replace the BlogID with your own BlogID, you can load the URL and it will take you to the Old Blogger Interface.

I am sure that it will work if you aren't getting the option to revert back to the old blogger Interface, you can see that it worked with this guy who were not be given the option for old blogger Interface.!topic/blogger/ioWe_4ADcHI/discussion