Website/Blog Being redirect to fileave(dot)com or pagesintxt(dot)com - Fix it

This is a very annoying problem, but this happened to lots of users, when they tried to open their blog, they were redirected to a weird and unexpected site, in some cases it was either a domain which consist a name 'Fileave' or 'Pageintxt'.
This is not a referring spam, but the problem caused by JavaScript tags you added from other sources, in most cases i have seen that people who added custom cursors were effected, it's not because that cursor was corrupted, but people were using JavaScript hosted on fileave (a file sharing service) by some user named 'carnine9', as i can see in the JavaScripts.

Maybe they offered you to add cursors and the files were hosted on fileave for example this is one of the file hosted on Fileave by the user carnine9
At end you can see CursorRed.js, the full url is the link to JavaScript file that was hosted on Fileave, but after it was deleted, there was no CursorRed.js on Fileave and that's why it's redirecting you to

There are more other JavaScript files which were hosted on Fileave and it got delete somehow. Not only cursor, but if you are hosting JavaScript files on a file sharing service it will end up with like this. JavaScripts file should only be hosted on Paid Hosting services offering CPanel or if they don't find the file on their file sharing site (Fileave) they will just redirect the blog to the site.

Overall you may have understood what's the main problem, i have taken one case as an example to show you how it happens so you better understand what should you do when this happens.

How do i fix it ?

Here i will list the steps to fix it on Blogger, but if you are on other platform such as WodPress etc. you may also have to delete the script tag from your template, the only thing that will be different is the procedure edit your main HTML. 

If you are on Blogger, follow these steps to access your Template HTML, we can't edit the HTML by going to Blogger Dashboard | Template, because it will even redirect you to the unexpected site, because in the new interface, your blog is shown in a small box when you get into Dashboard | Template you can see it and then the site is loaded in the box it redirects you to the site.

So, how will we get into editing the Template ? Because the JavaScript code is in the template and the only way to remove it is editing the Template.

Don't worry, we have the solution. Please follow these steps to get into the Edit Template HTML :
  1. First you need you blogID, which you can get by going to your Blogger Dashboard | Overview tab, you can select any tab other than Template
  2. Once you are in the Overview tab, check the URL in your browser's address bar, for me it's
  3. Here you can see the blogID=7325178131968982824, the number is your blogID, which you will need in the next procedure. So the blogID is 7325178131968982824
Now when you got your blog id, follow these steps :
  1. Replace the blogID in this URL with your's and hit enter in the address bar
  2. Now you will see your Template code in Old Blogger Interface
  3. Use CTRL+F or F3 and search for the domain you are redirected as keyword, for instance my blog is being redirect to fileave(dot)com, the i am supposed to enter 'Fileave' in the search.
  4. Once you find the <script> tag containing the domain address where the blog is being redirect, delete it and Save Template. The script tag might look like this
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Now open your blog and see if it's fixed or not. Doing this correctly will stop the redirection but if it don't seem to be fixed then do comment with your blog address and explain the issue with detail. Also try posting on Blogger Help Forum.