How to implement Analytics when using Dynamic Views on Blogger ?

Google Analytics, the best service for your site's stats. It's used by millions and most Blogger users use Analytics, but the question comes "how do you add analytics code when you are using Dynamic Views".

Google Analytics provide JavaScript code which you have to put in your <head> tag to start tracking the stats for your site.
But what if you are using Dynamic Views template and then how would your track your stats with Google Analytics ? That's just annoying when you don't find any way, because in DV templates user aren't allowed to edit HTML, so that's nearly impossible to implement the JavaScript into your template.

But yet there's an way to implement Analytics on your Blogger having Dynamic Views, the option is in Blogger' Settings, hidden some where. Let's take a look at what we will do to achieve it. 

Follow Step by Step 

  1. After adding your site to Analytics , you will get the tracking Id on the Screen.

  2. Now you have the Tracking id, here my Tracking id is UA-23690704-6
  3. Once you have copied your tracking id, head back to Blogger Dashboard
  4. Go the Settings > Other > Scroll down and you will see 'Google Analytics' section, under it there will be an Input area.
  5. You just need to paste the Tracking ID into it and Save.
That's it. You are finished with verifying your Analytics profile.

Remember, that it will take some time to show up your stats on Analytics, it's normal, no matter how you verify your site.