Sidebar shifted to bottom of Blog in Blogger - Fix it

Sometimes errors in Bloggers are frustrating, especially when it's with the look of the blog. No one wants their blog to look cluttered. Sidebar shifting to bottom of the page is one of the most common error in Blogger. This post will tell you the reason and solution of it.   

The reason behind it is bad HTML in one or more posts and whenever the post is being displayed on the page, the sidebar shifts to the bottom. The bad HTML can be heavy HTML codes or ill-formed HTML codes.

If you view the post with errors the sidebar will shift to the bottom of the page, which makes it look ugly. You anyhow want to to fix it, so here's the way to fix it.

How to fix it ?

Let's come to the point, it can be fixed by correcting the errors in HTML code of the post. If you see the sidebar shifting bottom on the homepage, then you can distinguish that one of the post in Homepage contains bad HTML.

To make it easier you can open each post on Homepage in a new tab and then analyze if the sidebar shifts to the bottom in that post page. If you open the post which consist the Bad HTML, you will see the sidebar shifted to bottom.

Steps to fix it : The method is easy and working. You don't need to be an HTML expert to fix bad HTML in Blogger, you can easily fix it by following these steps. 
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard | Post List
  2. Now open the post which contains the bad HTML (read the text above), or if you can figure out which post contains errors than you can open each post which you can see on homepage one by one in Post Editor.  
  3. Once you have the post opened in Post Editor you will see Compose and HTML modes in the Post Editor on top left of page.
  4. All you have to do is switch between Compose and HTML, few times, maybe 4 or 5  
  5. At end leave it on Compose mode and Save or Update.
Once you do it with the post which contains errors, you will see the sidebar on it's right place again.

Remember, you have to do it with post which contains bad HTML and to find out which is that post, you open each and every post in new tab and check if the sidebar is in bottom when opened that post, if you opened a post and the sidebar is at bottom then open that post in Post Editor and do what i listed above.

If it doesn't seem to work for you, please leave comments with your blog address and specify your problem. Also, you may seek help on Blogger Help Forum.