Keep gadgets visible or opened in Dynamic Views

Don't you think visitors don't like gadgets being hidden in the side, how they would ever know that there's something on right side of page. Dynamic Views hover effects are great but some people don't like hidden stuffs at all. I will show you how to keep the gadget's in view even if it's not being hovered.  

You can see the effect in the above picture, the gadgets block will always be visible to any visitors. There's no need to hover over them to see all the gadgets. This increases the number of people using your gadgets, as seen on Dynamic Views, people don't make use of the gadgets.

We will make the gadget static with a single line of CSS. Follow these steps.
Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Customize -> Advanced -> Add CSS -> Paste the CSS in the custom CSS box and press enter after the last line. Preview it once, if you are okay with it then Apply to Blog.

{right:0px !important;}

Hope that will work well for your Dynamic views template. Do subscribe for more updates.