Partnership of two companies helps ?

You may have seen many advertisements where you will see two companies saying like
'' Nokia with Airtel' or 'Airtel with nokia' or any other company. Do these types of joining helps both the companies ? I think NO because it's very kind of strange thing , after you see such advertisements on TVs and Internet you will feel like '' I i don't get Airtel product on nokia , it will not work properly''
It's very obvious thing, if you having a Nokia mobile and finding SIM card of Vodafone , because you were using that and you want to keep that again , you will discover that you will feel little uncomfortable after using Vodafone with Nokia , because you watched in advertisement about Nokia and Airtel , and now you are using Vodafone  But listen to me , in-fact Vodafone will also work with Nokia well , but the human mind do what they hear so you will think that way , and most of the people thinks that way. This is a thing what companies shouldn't do , this can decrease their customers rate. This was not only for Aitrel and Nokia , it was for all companies which do this

Some Companies that Joined each other

Companies that has joined their company with other company

1. Airtel & Nokia

2. HP & MTS

There are more .. will update soon


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