Earn Money with Google Ad-sense

Can I earn money with Google Ad-sense?

Ad-sense is the highest paying Pay-Per Click ad publishing company.You can earn money with Google Ad-sense very easily , but you need to have some knowledge about internet and blogging too , because genuine and beautiful contents and posts on your blog can earn you money very easily.You just need a blog or website , and apply for the Google Ad-sense at  www.google.com/adsense 

Turn your contents into money !

To make your Google Ad-sense application successfully approved you need to comply with vast number of Google Policies , that's a disadvantage of  Google Ad-sense !

This is the email you receive when your Google Ad-sense application is disapproved , it's always frustrating when you will see this email , but it's also important to comply with Google Policies 

How to put adsense ads on your page

Putting Ads on your website or blog is not a difficult thing , all you need is little copy and pasting knowledge ,you can only put adsense ads on your blog,website etc. when your adsense application is approved.
You can also customize how your ads look ,matching your blog's template

After you are approved you will be redirected to your adsense account page where you will find codes and and editor to edit how your ads will look , after that you are confirmed with your choice , you will be given the EMBED CODE just paste it on your site , as a gadger or also between your post. And ads will star appearing on your blog !
Here's how to do it , with steps :

You can also add ads on youtube videos. Refer to this Link

Format of Google Ads 

  See full list of ads format here 

WebMaster Guidelineshttp://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769
Ad-sense T&Chttps://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms
Help Centerhttp://www.google.com/adsense/support/as/
-See what to do , to get Ad-sense , and start earning money !


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