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Messaging through Internet is totally free of cost and also saves time typing messages on small buttons of mobile phone. There are Huge number of websites which offers such features , all you need to do is add a phone number ( which will be displayed as sender ,when you send someone messages by the site) to your account. These types of of messages are also called bulk messages , rules and regulation has been added on sending bulk messages,because companies just overflow the users mobile phone with huge number of messages which is not too good!

Some sites which offers free SMS are listed below
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Full On SMS : A good way to send free SMS and an easy one too, I myself use this site to send free SMS to my friends in my free time. You can make groups upto 10 contacts in a group, and select a whole group to send them SMS , it also keeps record of your sent SMS and also has a feature of Scheduled SMS. Limited to India


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''Good sites are those which offers us best features and service ''

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