12 Tips from Infolinks to optimize our sites

Infolinks is a big name in blogging community, it gives small bloggers a chance of proving themselves and earn money through intext advertisement. I have been using Infolinks for more than 1 year and it has been a great experience. 

This time Infolinks is doing something different as usual. If you follow Infolinks Blog then you may have seen their newest post about optimizing sites with Pinterest. Infolinks love social networks and Pinterest is one of the social network that they love.

Infolinks got into helping users to optimize their website for high earnings and that's great thing indeed. The 12 golden tips that Infolinks have given yet matters a lot to any website owner to optimize their website and that will help the website owners.

I am also following their 'Countdown to Optmization' board on Pinterest (as Deepak Kamat) and didn't missed any tip. It's great to talk Infolinks regarding their tips on the boards and pins in Pinterest.

I can not keep myself from posting those great tips from Infolinks on my blog and make it reach more people. So, these tips are from Infolinks and i am just posting it so the credits goes to them. 

  1. 'Follow the latest news to keep your site optimized' - News is useful for creating effective keywords 
  2. 'Invite Guest Bloggers to compose posts for your site!' - Create your own team of bloggers. More authors on blog means more content and more contents means increased traffic ! 
  3. 'Add More Blog Posts!' - Adding more and more blog post to your blog means more readers and that's what a blogger want. So whenever you get time, post !
  4. 'Content Reigns!' - Quality contents means good ranks in engines and more readers, so always great genuine and you own content.  
  5. 'Link to other sites and have them link back to you' - To increase backlinks for better SEO 
  6. 'Get linked from a much stronger site!' - Stronger sites here means sites with better page ranks, creating quality content will lead other sites to link to your site. 
  7. 'Always Update Your Plugins!' - Never let your blog look old, update your plugins to improve functionality of your blog. 
  8. 'Website Usability is Important!' - Add functions that makes your website user interface clean and make your blog easy to navigate
  9. 'REMEMBER - Content is King' - Content is king, we all know that ! So, genuine and quality content makes your blog look original and your readers will come back more. 
  10. 'Don't overstuff your links with keywords!' - I think they wanted to say that don't put irrelevant and large number of keywords in your links.  
  11. 'Keep your ads above the fold!' - To increase CTR (click through rate) on your ads, keep one or two ad blocks at the top of the web page. 
  12. 'Get inspired to beat writer's block!' - Inspiration from others is also important to get to the top
Click on the links to see it on Infolinks pin board !