Is your blogger blog owned by Google ?

I am a Blogger user from start and have been using Blogger for more than 2 years. Blogging is easy with Blogger but there's a fiction that don't have any base.
There are numbers of misleading and invalid facts about Blogger and it's usability. The most common myth is that your blogger blog is owned by Google not you and it can be deleted at any time. I have noticed that most of them who think believe this is the truth are WordPress users. Same with some services which don't accept blogger blogs at all because of these fictions. When someone predicate that my blog is not owned by me, I just reply back to them if their blog is really their's (they don't own the server).

I am not pointing that all WordPress users presume this myth but want to tell every person that's it's nothing than a deception. The only base on which people are shouting that blogger blogs aren't owned by it's said owner is that files of your blogger blogs are stored on a super fast, secure and free of cost server.

Blogger don't give it's user the access to databases or server that are important for server side scripting such as PHP or MySql etc. And I don't think that it's not a minus point of blogger but a plus point, as we don't have direct access to it's server databases, the chances of getting our blog suddenly down is way too less than with other open source CMS such as WordPress where a one line mistake of code in your databases can cause your website to be down and that's what most WordPress users have to experience.

But if we compare the hosting of Google free super fast, secure CDN with your paid hosting then you decide which is better ? I don't think that any server is worth to be compared with Google's CDN. And who knows when your paid hosting server gives you a heart attack by erasing your files anonymously.

Or if the topic is that content is not owned by you then don't you have the option to backup your contents ? Blogger users have easy option to backup their content files and with that they can move their blog anywhere they want, so you should stop believing these myths.
Open source CMS like Wordpress are never secure, if you take an example of how Amit Agarwal's Blog was deleted by hackers. It was easy for hackers to delete Amit's databases from his server because of easy access to databases files on server and MySQL injection was easier because of not too secure server and this is one of the reason why government sites are easily hacked by hackers. Other reasons can be that they were not on Google server.

As for deletion of blog from Blogger then it's obvious if you violate the terms&condition of any service then you are supposed to get kicked out from it. Especially when it comes to a big name like Google, Blogger.

Are you proud that Google can't delete your contents but can delete a blog contents on Blogger ? Then you are living in a world of darkness, Google is where you are supposed to get visitors from to your blog or website and if Google wants they can shove you out as well by banning your website and stop indexing it.

If you are a blogger user then never feel alone I am also a blogger user :) and never believe these myths. And I think other who used to think that blogger blogs are actually owned by Google are now realizing what's truth.

To become a pro-blogger you should be same with every CMS. As your reader's don't want to know what CMS you use, what they want is content. Focus on content.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai's post on MyBloggerTricks have inspired me to write this article.