Google+ tab option in Blogger interface

Since the launch of Google+, almost every part of Google had change and Blogger is also one of them. Recently blogger have made some changes and attached Google+ as tab in Blogger dashboard.
Google+ have made things easier for Bloggers, it's became easier to connect your G+ to your blogger and display authorship information in searches. You may be familiar with the feature of Blogger to switch to a Google+ profile instead of a Blogger profile and that was one of the most discussed change. The reason many people didn't liked it was they weren't able to post with their nickname they used in their blogger profile instead they had to post with their Google+ name, most people prefer nickname from real name in blogger.

What's inside the option

I am bit disappointed this time, there's no new features. If you haven't switched to Google+ profile for blogger then you will see invitation to Upgrade to Google+ and if you are already using Google+ for your blogger then you will see the details of your Google+ and couple of settings regarding your G+ profile for Blogger.
Just a reminder from Blogger that you can connect your Google+ to Blogger. And i think you must try it, because you have the option to revert back Blogger profile under 90 days. Give it a try and experience a brand new feeling of Google+Blogger

With this change i think we will get to see more new features on Blogger in future.

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