Center gadgets tittle in Blogger

The gadgets title in blogger are aligned to left by default, read this tutorial to know how to align it to center or a different direction.
See the screenshot of how it will look



It looks good, isn't it ?

The CSS code

Align it center : A simple CSS has been used to achieve this. The CSS is this
aside .widget .title
{text-align:center !important;}
A two line CSS code, what can be easy than that ! To know how to apply this CSS, check this link.

Align it right :  But what if you want the gadget title to be on the right side ? Then use this CSS
aside .widget .title
{text-align:right !important;}
That was easy too. Check the link to know how to add CSS in blogger blog.

Chances are that your HTML can be different so you have to use different selectors on the first line of CSS, use chrome developer tools to make that task easy.

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