How fast page speed can improve your search ranks

As you know how serious Google is about content and it's genuineness but Google also takes page load speed of any website as an important factor in ranking pages.
There can be very long explanations on how to improve page load speed and it's importance but i will keep this post as short as possible for users to read this easily.

I am aware of page load speed from the starting but didn't took it too serious but when started Stramaxon, it was important for me to apply tips on my blog first before advising others and that has improved my blog's loading time much better. It's is said that the first 3 second is enough for a visitor to decide whether it's worth visiting this page or not.

The art of keeping your blog less heavy but yet giving your users the ability to perform overall actions which is important for increasing your readership is what i have used in my blog. Before you proceed to improve your site speed check your page load ranking in this Page load Test. Results are in # out of 100, for my blog's homepage its 91 out of 100 and for post pages it was 87 due to loading of Syntax Highlighter's Java Scripts.    

How to improve page load

Maintaining your contents and displaying them in good way is the key to fast page load. Content is important along with it's presentation but don't use such heavy code blocks to make your blog an eye candy, keeping it simple is the best agenda.

You get the overall suggestion page load speed test page itself but these some basic tips might help you to get to the right way.

  • Use image sprites for smaller images instead of serving it separately, that will lower down the request from server
  • Don't use a big picture for your background image,instead use a 128*128 picture with repeat property to make it full size background. 
  • Use external stylesheet for CSS styles, that will render the page first and then it's style.  
  • Don't use or keep unnecessary plugins for gadgets which is in no use, because gadgets and plugins load their own files
  • Use social media gadgets as less as possible
  • Keep JavaScripts below the CSS stylesheets or code blocks
  • Avoid the use of @import property of CSS to load fonts or other stylsheets
These are some common tips that you must follow to optimize user experience of your visitors and most importantly get good ranks in Google search results.So, take your page loading time as an important aspect and give it some values, it can decide your traffic.   

Your opinions 

We can't just keep from hearing from you guys, we are sure that you have some extra tips on improving page load speed and share your expertise. Also tell us how this post helped you and what changes we need to make in this post to make it more friendly to the audience.