Adding any thing under every post

Bloggers with less experience with some advance feature of HTML and Blogger will always end up adding 'Thank for reading this post' under every blog they post, but there is much easier way to add any thing, from normal text to good looking HTML elements below the post.
In this tutorial you will get to learn about adding anything you want under each and every post without adding it. It will automatically appear below your post, take my sharing buttons, previous post and subscribe box. I don't add them in individual posts, they all render automatically.

You maybe thinking what's the big deal ? You can add the gadget from Layout, but note that gadgets added under Blog posts gadget actually appear under the comments section which is again under the post. So the gadget gets in little distance from the post, ain't it ?

I don't think that i must stretch this post to add extra information, i am sure you have understand what i am trying to say.

The trick is to add the element directly in Template's HTML, but you need to have an idea about where you exactly need add the HTML. The obvious way for the edit HTML is
Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Proceed -> Check mark the 'Expand widget template'. The next step is to use CTRL+F to find this line
<div class='post-footer'>
Once you find it, but any HTML you want just above the div element. See the image below.

All you need is to paste any HTML or JavaScript code above it to render the code under post. But if you want to control where should the HTML appear then see this tutorial on using blogger conditional tags.

Now you can make your weblog more attractive and dynamic with this simple but useful trick.