Blog redirecting to - Fix it

Recently there have been many complaints about blog being redirect to this web page, this is not only about this website but every blog and website using scripts which is no longer available.
I came to know about this in Blogger Help forum (on this thread) and as soon as i saw the post i understood what was the case. It was same as the old issue with Fileave scripts in this post

In both the cases problem is same, this is small post for users facing this problem. First fix it and then read the reason behind it.

Fixing it

The whole problem is because of a JS script in your template or blog. But in this case the script is supposed to be in a gadget. Actually the script is for loading recent comments in gadget and the script can't be found into the template until your 'Expand Widget Template' but more easy is to remove it directly from your layout.

To do that go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > The script is supposed to be in a HTML/JavaScript gadget,  if you know in which gadget is the script then click on 'Edit' below it or if you don't know then open each and every HTML/JavaScript gadget and look for this code into it.
<script style="text/javascript" src="">
<script style="text/javascript">var a_rc=3;var m_rc=true;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script><script src="http:/">
Once you find the Gadget, remove it from your Layout and Save arrangement. Now you may try opening your blog.

Why this happened ?

The reason is clear, the domain where the JavaScript file were being hosted was removed and no JS file was there so what happens is that the domain where file was ever hosted loads itself in the place of JS file. Seeing the script seems like it was for some 'Recent comment' gadget purpose.

Now whenever this happens (hope not) to you or your friends then you can help them remove the script. Just remember if you are being redirected to then try searching for xyz in your template with 'Expand Widget Template' checked marked and delete the corresponding script.

Thanks for reading this, hope you are helped with this post.