Why never use sites and services that provides Facebook likes

If you are blogger and own a Facebook for your blog then at the start your blog you won't get fans and subscribers instantly and due to that, frustrated peoples with less likes on their FB pages starts finding ways to get instant likes and fans on their page and using services provided by websites to increase your likes count but is it okay to use those service ? Read further for more information
There are numbers of websites providing services to increase your Facebook likes for some amount of money or sometimes free.I won't mention those services here.

You will be happy to see the increasing numbers of fans on your FB page and in greediness of more fans you may also want to buy for more likes and you will get the likes as well, there will be no problem at first but even if there's no error or problem that doesn't means that everything is going smooth.

How it can harm your page ?

There might be no problem for most of the users using these services, but it still affects your reputation for the Facebook page and your page will be marked as a spam. You must think how reputation is affected on Facebook page, but it does. If not reputation then your page can be marked as and it your page can get banned temporary or even permanently. Here's an example, this page was banned for spammed likes.

illegal likes spammed banned facebook page
(Thanks to Akshay Jain for the photo). You can see how the Facebook community page of that person was banned temporarily for spammed likes. The page wasn't disabled completely but limitations were placed on the page, just like if you send friend requests repeatedly then limits are placed on account. All like buttons for that page have been disabled and will be only available after the limitation expires on 28th August (1 month ban).   

Should i continue using it ?

After reading this post do you think using these services is safe for your page ? Never ever use this spammy services, in greed of increasing likes you can end up with a permanently banned page. Be happy with your original fans and that's the fun and challenge, you have to increase your fan following by hard working not with using these fake services.