What to do with post which is not quality content posted back in past

Everything has a start and same for a blog and a blogger. When you start a blog you are way new to create optimized content on your site and you end up writing post that even you don't think it's up to the mark when you have reached the next stage of your blogging career.
When you are concerned that your knowledge about the topic you write is now improved plus your writing skills are also polished and you started creating information and quality contents which is good for search engine optimization. But when you look at your previous works or post even you aren't satisfied with it, the reason is that you are now more sensitive about quality in your contents and when you were new you didn't thought much about it.

What action you should take ?

But the question here pops up is what should you do with it ? In many online forums i have seen people stating that they just delete their quality content posted back in past when they were new to blogging.But why one would want to delete their post which is not too quality content. Because of SEO ? I don't think that your blog will be affected as long as you have your own content. So, when it comes to decide to take an option then i must say don't delete it.

Instead of deleting make it quality content by adding more information and correcting any errors in the post. This is more SEO friendly than deleting your post for a reason that's just a myth.

Even if you have some off topic post in your archives, off topic just means that having contents which is not suitable with the topic your blog is on, for example having a post called 'Tips on dressing style' in a blog which's main topic is Technology ? That seems funny but you can keep it as well, your readers would love to read what their hero had written in their past and you will be delighted with your reader's feeback.

Your views?

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