Switching to Custom domain effects existing backlinks ?

There are hundreds of questions in one's mind when he is going to change his blogspot or wordpress domain to their own custom domain.One of the most common question is about backlink, backlink is important for SEO and Pagerank, so this may always be a concern but is it really affects your backlinks ?

When switching to a new custom domain then it's obvious that you will see downfall of your traffic and believe me it's normal, you will again see your traffic back to normal when your page got crawled by search engine bots. But what about backlinks, will your old backlinks will be yet credited and help your SEO and pagerank ?

The answer to this question is NO, switching to custom domain doesn't affect your backlinks in any way as long as you are redirecting your blog to the custom domain from server side. The reason is that search engine bots not only sees the URL but get into the link and indexed the link redirected when visits that link.

It's clear that if you are pointing your blog to your custom domain then the backlinks of your .blogspot domain will even work for your custom domain, cause the bot is also redirected to the custom domain when it's crawling the url.

It means you never need to worry about the backlinks, it's obvious that you will see backlinks count fluctuated in Alexa because their system is different, Alexa is not a search engine bot so that doesn't even matter for you. I suggest you to use your .blogspot domain whenever linking from sites, that will make sure that if you again switch the domain to different domain name then the backlinks would work.

It will also not effect your pagerank, your pagerank will also be the same when Google crawls  your blog it will see your new custom domain after the redirection and that's when your pagerank will be also transferred on your new domain

It was that simple, this was a small post to let blogger and other users on subdomain provided by the service,  so it's safe for your search ranks and PR to get a custom on your blog as long as the redirection is made on server side.