Buy a blogger template or use a free one ?

Apart from the content, template design is also important. Search engines don't see your template design so design doesn't matter in SEO but the people seeing your blog needs a good user interface for navigating through your blog. Nobody wants to read a blog with no design or an outdated design blogs.
Remember the days of 1990s when internet was only used for transferring data on a plain page with black text and nothing much. Internet was not utilized the way it is used today. Design has become one of the important element in an online web page. Especially in blogs where presentation is important.

It was about the needs of design but the main topic this post is about buying a template for blogger or using a free theme. Considering a free template is easy, as you start blogging you are not aware of SEO which is the main and very important source of your readers. But is free template good for your blog ? If you don't know the how internet and search engines work you would think, they look great but there's a dark side of it. Read it below.

What's bad in using Free templates

You will find many sites on internet providing you free templates for Blogger and you will just download one for you blog and apply it. If you have a look at Wordpress theme store you will find professional paid themes and each of them are professional looking, they will look good on your blogs whichever topic it's on and that's the specialty of paid themes. But for free templates they aren't well formed or ever given a professional touch, they are just made to increase the numbers of templates in a free blogger templates sites. Free blogger templates also sometimes contains links to other sites just for backlink and you will never know about it because the author of the template hides it. Backlink to random sites from your blog will affect your blog's reputation for search engines. Even sometimes they contain iframes in which other web pages are embedded, it's the worst, they are integrated in a site template to increase pageviews of other's site just to get money from their customers for increasing traffic, it means your pageviews will also add the pageviews to the site in iframe.

Even after reading this you want to use free templates, i won't stop you. But check if they have implemented any iframe or hidden links, if you found those in the template then keep from using that template.         

The benefit of using paid blogger templates

The best thing with paid templates is that you get a unique design for your blog. In paid templates you can ask the designer to make changes on your needs, so you have your own unique template. As these templates are not free, they are created with hardwork because designers are going to be paid for that.
Also, it's on you to have the attribution or not. I would say that attribution is okay as it will encourage your blog viewers to know more about the template designer or author.

I don't think it's a big deal to pay $20 for a premium template, if we talk about WordPress themes i have seen the lowest template @ $45.

Where can i get my template designed and for what amount ?

I am not sure what other designers expect but if you want me to design your template i will do it for less than $20, you will tell us what you want and we will convert it into a professional blogger template to fit your niche of your blog. I have couples of premium templates in my directory, so if you want then contact me on my email