How to publish your content to a larger audience?

How frustrating it's when you create a post after hardwork of hours but what you see is that not a single pageview on it ! That makes us feel that our work is worth nothing even we created something that should reach peoples. 

In Blogging having the writing skills is important but the strategies you need to make your blog reach much bigger audience is also compulsory, as you don't want your published content to go unseen. SEO is essential for getting a good reputation in Google search ranks and that's what SEO is all about.

But the problem with SEO is that it needs patience and many bloggers can wait to see the best result, all they want is fast. If you are in such hurry then SEO is not for you, i mean you may try to optimize your search engine rankings but just because you want keep patience then there are some graceful methods to increase your traffic with readership if you have quality contents on your blog or website.

Fortunately, Google is not the only way to get traffic for your blog, Google is undoubtedly the major source of traffic for any website but what about less established blogs, don't they deserve to get readership when they are having tons of quality contents.

Taking help of social networks

The idea is to create your own community in big social network such as Pinterest or Facebook, it's easy to get in touch with people interested in the field you are blogging and then you may share your contents with them. But let them also expose their own content to you and other members of the community, don't just let others read your blog but do read other blogs as they may contain information which you will find useful in future.
Digg and Stumble Upon are two main ways to target your post mainly and publish it to the users of stumble upon and Digg. These sites work like a bookmarking tool. You will get some small numbers of readers at start but as you keep doing it you will see your blog being read by more and more people. 

Guest posting

Guest posting on well established blog can give you a good number of readers for your blog, as when you publish your genuine and quality content on other blogs, you get subscribers of the blog as readers for you post and most guest blog posting enabled sites, they offer to give backlinks which is again good for SEO.
If your blog is new then don't publish your best content on your blog, keep patience and find a big blog in the field you write and contact it's owner for guest post submission. Most of the blogs who offer guest post entry have a page for it which you can find in links on the webpage.

What's your tip ?

Don't forget to tell us your idea about increasing traffic and readership, drop your precious comments.