Anonymous comments on Blogs, beware it's spam

Spam, some hates this word and some who are used to spam loves 'spam'. I had previously written some articles on referral spam, which helped thousand of people to understand what is it and avoid it. But now when it's fading out a different spam took over. 
Comments in every blog is a way to give your feedback on the post and it's very useful. But what will we do when it's also spammed. Imagine how your blog will look with full of spam comments with random links into it. Almost all types of spam's target is to make the victim click on their link, but as always never click on those links.

Spams comments done by 'human' is understandable but in this case it doesn't seems like these comments spams are being done by a human. These new spammers are very smart, they only post one comment on the post whenever it's published. The comment contains some self praising sentences with a link to a mysterious site irrelevant to your blog topic.

I noticed that they post such comments that readers would want to visit the link in curiosity. As an example you can see this email notification (can't show the actual comment because i am using disqus)

You wondering how can i say that these comments are made by computer bots ? I am using Disqus comment system in my blog but these spam comments are yet made on blogger comments system. So this concludes that the comments are automated and done by a bot but behind all these there must be a human at least.

Be safe and avoid these comments and links in it, you may also mark these comments as spam to help blogger understand that comments with the links in it are spam. Also teach your readers to mark these types of comments as spam.

To keep our blogosphere clean we need to fight with these spammy things which is common now, use your common sense and just take actions that may not harm you.