Why Cultek(dot)com is in referring sites in Blogger

Cultek(dot)com, this is what in the news in blogosphere and many are asking why in my referring sites list ? Are you getting some visitors from their, your blog has become famous and many things comes in mind but don't you want to check what is it actually ?
But before you decide anything just read what is it actually. No doubts it is another cheap referring spam site and all they want is from you to click on their link and then get affected by their virus or malware.

The pageviews you get from the website is totally fake and is increased by computer bots and that's how they work. The reason they increase your pageviews in this way is that they will get place in your stats and to curiosity you will try to open the site and if you don't have a good protection software installed then your computer might catch malware or virus and that's the worst.

No one knows what type of virus they are actually spreading cause i haven't tried opening these sites but if the virus or malware is very dangerous then it's possible for them to take control of computer or fully make your computer malformed.

Moral of the story is not to click on these links until you are sure that the link is safe to visit, your one single click can get your computer hacked so think twice before clicking. You are here means that you first tried to find out more about it, good :)

There's actually no way to stop these nonsense, not even Google can block it, as far as i know. The only way that i always suggest people is not to click on these links, once they stop getting 

any victim in their trap they will cool down automatically and that's what we need. 

Check our post about savegco.anitivir(dot)com referrer spam to know more about it.
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