Focus on SEO or the Content ?

To become a professional blogger you also need to have good numbers of readers on your blog which is only possible when you get traffic through search engines but do you only focus on optimizing your search engine rankings ? Let's learn why content is prior.
What i see in most of the case of unsuccesful blogging is that they don't care about the content but one thing that they have heard is SEO and start playing tricks to get good ranks in search engines. In 3 or 4 months when some starts their blogging career they start worrying about their search engine rankings and search internet for an easy and fast way to improve their rankings but is there an easy way to achieve a successful blogging career ? Improving search ranks is only what you have to do to become popular ?

This is what i notice in almost every new bloggers, there are yet some smart folks having good knowledge of how blogging works and have some strong strategies. But in many newbies some things are common which you can read below

Start blogging for Money ?

Everyday i see many peoples starting a blog because they heard somewhere that people can earn money with blogging. Blogging is surely a good way to earn money but it's not only about earning, it's about your writting skills, your knowledge and your consistency. And most of those who start a tech blog assume that tech blogging can give them some good amount of $$$ but do you think that someone will get money for doing nothing.

How they start blogging is that make a blog and title it something very attractive but when you open it you will see some stupid nonsense post either copied or written very poorly. So that concludes that starting a blog doesn't actually gives you a guaranteed license to earn money through it.If you are new then don't worry, everyone was new when they started blogging, but they are at a stage where you can also be, but put your hardwork and knowledge to write on your blog.

Tip for tech bloggers : Just don't post content which is common to everyone, for example 'How to lock your computer', 'How to extract RAR files' these post will never help you cause you will find thousands of result before you result posted back in 2006 or earlier. You have to find your own great idea and post on it so it's new to everyone and you get more readers.

Does only tech bloggers earn money ?

The internet itself is a tech stuff and you will see more blogs on topics like technology and computer but it's not true if you say that only tech bloggers earns money and have good number of readers. Blogging is not only about tech but it covers a vast list of category. There are bloggers in photography field earning more than a tech bloggers does, the reason is that most of the people on internet are not tech savvy and they just want to leave the back end of the internet uknown, they want to have fun seeing photographs, reading recipes, learning about baby sitting and etc. Although internet was developed to serve people information in any field without picking up a heavy book from libary. But when someone sits on internet whole day and with their little knowledge about computer they just think that they are good in computers and there knowledge and ideas are truly new but the knowledge is yet common. You can't learn anything just by using it practically, read books about it and also read articles and tutorials yourself.

If you ask me then i would say that i didn't learnt web designing just by having some little knowledge about HTML or CSS etc, before i started the blog I had put over 3 month to learn more about it, and every day i gave about 7 hours to read about web languages and that's how i am a web designer now and blogging on it.

What should i do ?

After reading both the sections you may have come to know that blogging is easy if you are actually interested in it, not only tech but the topic you are genius in. But whichever topic you choose one thing is common, hardwork and patience. Blogging is not like do it twice a week and then leave it, you may post as much as you can. There's no specific amount of post you have to make to get a better readership, the only thing here matters is your content and is it a quality content. Search engines is not the most prior thing, first priority is your content and when you have contents and quality contents on your blog then search engines is always happy to index your blog into their rankings and maybe you could get better ranks and when you keep doing it then you are going to become a star in this blogosphere. What i am saying to do you is give time to blogging and don't stop blogging cause you aren't getting good search rankings even after 3 or 4 months of your blogging, i think that even 1 year is not enough to become an established blogger and earn good reputation among other bloggers of your field.

Overall SEO doesn't even matter in he first three months of your blog, in the meantime create genuine content which is supposed to attract peoples and when you have plenty of genuine content on your blog then you can focus on SEO to optimize the rankings of your content in the search engines rankings. If you follow this strategy then successfully blogging becomes enjoyable and you will love your blog and your readers