Creating more than 20 pages on Blogger

Blogger already has amazing features for bloggers but there are some limitation which are not acceptable sometimes. And one of the limitation is that you can only create 20 Static pages and in this article i will be telling how can you create more than 20 pages.
You heard it right, you are going to learn how to add more than 20 Pages. Sometimes you may need more pages on the tabs, it's where your blog page's link are situated normally. All the static pages that you want to display are there but the limit is 20 static pages per blog.

Let's get to the point and learn how to get more than 20 pages on your blog.

The idea

The simple but effective idea is to create a blog post, backdate it so it doesn't appear on the home page of your blog. And then use the link of the post to create new page, not static but choose the Web Address option and put the link to post in it's URL field and Save it. If you don't get it, then the tutorial is below.

Creating a post

This will not be a normal blog post on your blog. Edit the post and put whatever you want (this is going to be work as the page). Now when you are finished writing the post you have to backdate it so it doesn't appear on the homepage as a new page.
Backdate the post
To backdate the post, click on Schedule under Post Settings. Select the 'Set Date and Time' and choose a past date and click Done. The post will be now archived but remember, do not copy the link before change the post date. Because the middle of the URL depends on it's date for example :
2012 in URL is the year and 05 is the month, but when you change the date, the date in the URL also get's changed. Be sure to get the link which points to the date which you have set the date of the post.

Using the post as page

The ability to put a web address as a tab gives the birth to this trick. You maybe thinking how could we use a post as a page ? That's very easy. Follow the steps below :
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Pages
  2. Click on the New Page drop down button 
  3. Select Web Address from the option
  4. Write the Title you want it to appear on pages tab and the URL to the Post
  5. That's it, now you can Save it.

    blogger pages adding web address into tabs
When everything is okay you can check the new extra page on your blog and with this method you can create as many pages as you want.

Removing the date

Using this trick gives a complete effect of a static page on the blog but the date you will see on the post page doesn't make it look completely like a static page. But we have a clear solution for that, adding CSS that will hide the date will work great.
.date-header {display:none;}
If you add this CSS in your template code then date on all post will hide and just because that you have to place it at an unusual place, into the HTML of the post. Open the Post in Post Editor, switch to HTML view, scroll to the bottom and Paste the HTML/CSS code at the end. 

Helpful ?

Were we helpful to you in helping you create more than 20 pages on Blogger blogs ? If you have any suggestions regarding this post then do drop comments below and join the discussion.