Choosing keywords that will drive more traffic to your blog

Your blog is not doing too well? Or can't decide what to write about on your blog ? Then this SEO tip will surely increase the visibility of your blog in search engine.
It's not easy to get a better position in search results, when writing a post you should always think of the keywords used in the search engines. Although just using the keywords in your blog won't work but calculating the position of your blog in particular search keywords can get you large organic traffic. That simply means you are increasing your revenue either by getting more customer for your products or by the advertising banners you have put on your blog or website.

You will find dozens of SEO tips on the web and most of them don't work now but finding a new and better SEO technique is awesome, just like i did. As a blogger you just don't have to write but also learn how search engine can help you get readers, once you have a good number of loyal readers you can just continue writing but as a beginner it is like writing in the dark and no body sees you, just to put some light you have to take help of the SEO tips you will find online. But always remember to use SEO tricks which is working and done in a legal way, using black hat SEO techniques can harm your stats on the Search engines and you can be removed.

Everything above was an introduction to the SEO and using it, for the SEO tip which i have mention is below.  

Decide what to write on

You can write anything you like on your blog but do you wonder what others on the web are looking for ? You don't need to think about everybody on the web but the people who are searching for a article or post that you can give them. Am not even talking about your current readers or contacts, there's still a large audience on the web to whom you can serve something that they would like to read, but the question is that how you can get to know what others are wanting from you ?

Discover what keywords are best for you

The idea is to first know that for what search keywords your blog is appearing at good positions on the search results pages. You will normally see search keywords related to the content you have on your blog but along with that you will also get position in the search results without having contents related to that keyword.
Use Google webmaster tools for keywords reasearch
I believe Google Webmaster is good tool for keywords research, usually people use it to see what keywords are working for their contents but we will use it to know which keywords will work for our future contents.
Note : If you haven't used Google Webmaster tools then get hands on it now and submit your sitemaps to get your blog indexed into search engine.

If you are already using the webmaster tools then you can see position of your blog for particular keywords. Log into Google Webmaster tools -> Select the site from the list (add a site) -> Traffic -> And click on the Search queries, you will see all the hit search requests for your blog and might also get good positions for search queries for which you don't have any post and that's where you can get better traffic. Analyze the Keywords and see what can help to create contents that can give you some handsome traffic.

You can get traffic for keywords that matches your blog but if you want regular readers try to make a post with complete information and most importantly make it genuine. And follow some more SEO tips for a complete optimization of your blog site.