6 Reasons to stay on Blogger

Since the launch of WordPress and Blogger, there's war not between the two CMS but between it's users. Those who use Blogger takes the blogger's side and those who use WP stays at it's side. These two CMS have there own pros and cons and you can use any one, this post is just for a reference.
If you are in a forum or group with bloggers using different CMS, you will see them arguing over which is the better blogging platform. I am on Blogger and many blogger in my contact suggest me to join WordPress for many reasons and i won't have any problem switching to it but there are reasons why i don't switch to WordPress now.
six reasons to use blogger and not wordpress fight war competition of CMS
If you had ever read an article for starting your blog with WordPress then you will want to join WordPress but there are several reasons you shouldn't join WordPress now and I am listing it below.

Six reasons to start blogging with Blogger

Note : These are my own personal opinion and i am not trying to force you to stay with Blogger.

1. Starting a blog with Blogger is easy

If you are starting a new blog then the most important thing you should always focus on is your writing and if you start blogging with Blogger then you don't have to worry about the anything else than your content.
But if you choose WP to begin a blogging career then you will put yourself into complicated process of setting up your blog and putting it online. Guys like me with web developing skills will find it easy and can setup WordPress blog but if you don't know about hosting files and databases on hosting servers then you can just mess your blog up.

2. Blogger is fully customizable

Blogger is more easy to customize with their template designer and custom CSS. You also have the access to your blog's template and you can edit the HTML source to put more features that any website can have, blogger is just like a normal site. There's not much difference in a Blogger site and a normal site then i don't understand why people using WordPress explains that blogger is not customizable? If you have the right idea then you can make any customization just like an WP blog.
WP is also customizable but if you are using the free version then you can't even add your own CSS whereas Blogger is free with all customization options.

3. Hosting? It's free and on Google

When you will use blogger you won't need to worry about the hosting, your blog's databases are secured on Google's CDN, what can be better than a Google hosted website/blog ? Again, it's all for free and the bandwidth is also unlimited.
Because a blogger blog's databases are hosted on people assumes that the blog is hosted by Google and it can delete your blog anytime ! But people with hosting service are completely safe ? No, your files can also be deleted anytime without any notice from your hosting server.
The owner of the main contents on your blog is you, thus you can download the backup files anytime and if you have a custom domain then you can easily transfer your backup on a new blog without even losing traffic and that's the beauty.

4. Coding knowledge is not necessary 

Let's say you want to start a blog to write about your pet store and you decided to start with WordPress, what you see is complicated procedure, first you have to start a blog, then signup for a hosting service then download and upload  WordPress on your server and then you can start blogging somewhere, this is not just time wasting but also you have to spend lots of money. You will get themes for your blog at rates starting from $40. At every point you will have to face difficulties and even there is a one line mistake on any of your database file on your server your whole website will stop working and you again have to redo it. And it seems impossible if you don't have good knowledge of coding, usually people start blog for their personal use and learning codes for setting up a blog is useless.
On Blogger, just sign up with a Google account, name your blog, choose a web address and a theme and get started. What can be easy as that ? You get everything for free from hosting to templates and you don't even need coding knowledge to design your weblog, just open the template designer in Blogger and give it the look you want..

5. Blogger is not good for SEO?

The sentence i hate the most from anybody, most of those who says this are generally from WordPress and some from Blogger (frustrated bloggers). People believe that WordPress is good for SEO and Blogger is not.Blogger is a Google product and you think Blogger is not good for SEO? Now i don't say that Blogger blogs get a plus point for SEO as for being from Google product but they would neither give Blogger a minus point in terms of SEO.
And why would Google start giving more importance to blog sorting by the CMS used ? Always remember CMS is just 'Content Management System' but the real contents comes from you, so whichever platform you are using don't worry about SEO as it depends on the content you create.      

6. Blogger is for Blogging

Blogger is actually for blogging. WordPress is used for multiple purposes, such as creating e-commerce site etc and that's why the procedure to set up a WP site is difficult because they are optimized for being blog and also a website.
For the blogging i will always choose Blogger, but for my Web Designing projects, Blogger won't work so well. But Blogger is a complete tool for writing and publishing it.  

+1 reason - Blogger blogs are spam free

Do you know why do you hear so many cases of blogger blog's getting deleted or removed ? That's because Google want to keep the Blogosphere clean and just to maintain that a blog that seems to be spam is reviewed and if it is found to be spam and violating the TOS it gets removed.
As far as i know WP don't delete blogs even if it is a spam but wait do you think they can make their way in ? To get a good popularity and most important good traffic they need better rankings on Google and if the blog is found to be spam then it will be removed instantly from Google search results and can be permanently banned.

I don't oppose WordPress

After reading the above stuffs you will call me a WordPress hater but i don't hate WordPress, it's also a great tool and that's why people use it and even i use it for my web designing projects but there are some myths about Blogger in people's mind and this post was written just to tell them that Blogger is not worth using and should be left just for WordPress.

What do you think ?

There are pros and cons of both the CMS i talk about in this blog post and shared my thought as a web designer. Tell us your own opinions for Blogger for Wordpress and also share your thought and experience with any of those CMS, we would like to here from you.