Infolinks is giving a chance to win iPhone 5

Infolinks have just launched their new mobile application, that not just giving you more control on your Infolinks account but also giving it's user (like me) a chance to win iPhone 5

If you are also a user and regular reader of their blog then you may have seen many competitions going on, the last time, it was for $100. I have never won a competition there but always took part in the lucky games, who knows, you could be the next winner.

Win a brand new iPhone5 from Infolinks

Honestly speaking, i don't have any Apple gadget but i always have a dream to own a brand new shinny Apple product. What can be better than that to become a hero in your friends ? But my blogging career is just at the start and still needs to give more to this blog to get established and start earning big money.

Enough about me and my story but Infolinks is surely encouraging their users and that's what i like about Infolinks.

I have took part in many competition from Infolinks, never won but never gave up and this time the competition is very special for me, it's about my one and only dream. The iPhone. And the most amazing thing about it ? They are giving out iPhone 5 ! Which is yet to launch.

My tweet

Join the Competition

Wanna take part ? Here's the link and we will enjoy the competition together
Tweet as much louder as you can, make sure to add a hash tag #InfolinksApp
The winner will be announced next month on 12th and you know a special thing about that ? It's just 6 days before my B'day. So, best of luck for the competition and give me luck to.