Sinhala Font in Blogger

Bloggers in different country needs different fonts that supports their language, most of them are already in the computer but when you are talking about some forgotten languages then you hardly get it on computers, then you need to get a font for it on your web page and so in Blogger.

Sinhala or Sinhalese language is mainly used in Sri Lanka and if you are here in search of getting Sinhala font then you are probably a blogger from Sri Lanka or Blogging in that language, because Sinhala is not that a famous language, people wanting it on their blog find it difficult to get a perfect solution.

Being not a famous or talked language doesn't mean that need for it is not there. Bloggers, blogging mainly in their language need that the most, however big blogs manage to get fonts for their blog easily by hiring professional web designers but if you can't afford to hire one then we are free to help you.

Adding the font

Easy as eating a cake, you don't need any extra knowledge about computers. First we need the font to load on the page or you blog, that can be done adding this CSS. Don't add the CSS directly in the document or it will load the page slow, I am hosting the CSS file on host, you just have to link it
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
If you open the link in href value you will realize how big the CSS code is, it's because we aren't loading the font file, we are directly rendering it's data content.
Note: We are hosting the CSS file on Dropbox and we have no guarantee when it get deleted, so i suggest you to host it on your own server and then link it.

Add this in your template

To add the <link> HTML given above you need to first access your HTML of your page, follow the steps to add it.
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard 
  2. Select the Template tab
  3. Click Edit HTML and Proceed
  4. Use CTRL+F to find </head>
  5. And paste the HTML given just above/berfore </head>
Save the Template, that's it. Now move to the next section to learn how to put it to work.

CSS to change the font

Adding the font in Template won't work alone and also it won't change your font automatically, to tell the browser to load a specific font (this time it's Sinhala) you have to define a CSS.

You can make the whole body (full page) font to Sinhala or can also make only the Post area to be in Sinhala, it's completely depends on the CSS selector. If you know how CSS selectors works then you can detect the class or id of an element on page (can be post area) and then change the selector, to know how to  do that read this post.

If you don't have any idea about the selector then these two different CSS will help you.

#1 Sinhala font only in Post area
.post-body {
font-family: Dhananjayaweb;
#2 On full document/page
body {
font-family: Dhananjayaweb;

Add the CSS 

Now when you have choose one of the CSS either for the full body or just the post body, now you have to add it into your template. Do it easy with this tutorial on adding CSS in your template.

This is the end of this tutorial but do remember to subscribe our email newsletter for more post. We are excited to hear from you in comments.