What Happened to GFC Follower Gadget Blogger ?

If you recently made changes to your blog and removed your good-old Google Friend Connect follower widget, you might be having problem adding it back, but what really happened to it ?
After the launch of Google+ many Google services including blogger changed to adapt G+ integration and most of the changes were great, new G+ profiles were launched to replace Blogger profiles. But recently blogger added a new Google+ Follower Gadget which is to replace the GFC Follower gadget, as the social networking site by Google is trending a follower gadget by G+ can help you get lots of followers, as it is easier to follow a blog as compared to GFC but yet there are many fans of the old but gold GFC widget who want it.

Some months back GFC was retired for non-blogger sites and the GFC seems missing from blogger gadget list, looks like the G+ Follower gadget took it place but that's not the truth. You can use both G+ and GFC follower widget altogether in your blog, the Follower gadget haven't been removed it's still in the gadget list but in a different section.

Add Old GFC Follower gadget again ?

To add the old follower gadget again go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Layout -> Add a Gadget -> On the gadget list click 'Add More Gadget' on the left side. You will now find the GFC Follower gadget there, click on it's link and add it to your blog. Check the image below for reference

blogger gfc follower